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Ramen in a boiler

We specialize in Hakata-style ramen. Hailing from Fukuoka, Hakata is one of Japan's most famous ramen styles. The base of the ramen is Tonkotsu, a creamy pork bone broth that gives the dish its incredibly flavorful and layered taste.

Our Tonkotsu Ramen features artisanal noodles, melt-in-your-mouth Chashu, and silky smooth, umami-rich broth made from boiling kurobuta pork bones for 72 hours. We season our ramen with your choice of shio (salt), shoyu (soy), or miso (fermented soybean) paste.

Our menu also offers savory Tori Paitan (Chicken Broth) ramen and a variety of enticing rice bowls, Japanese tapas, and premium beer.

Ramen Done Right

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